How To Spread The Word About Your New Business


Starting a new business creates such a rush that often people feel like they can take on the entire world on opening night! However, soon reality kicks in and it can be frustrating how slow things move at the start. Alas, it can take years for a new business to make a name for itself if it ever succeeds, which many do not. If you want to put yourself in the best position to succeed, you need to do one simple thing: let people know you exist! It might seem basic, but you would be shocked at how little advertising many new businesses do. How do people find out about you if not through advertising? Here are a couple of cheap ways you can start advertising right away.

Add A Location On Google Maps

Every day millions, if not billions, of people use Google Maps for finding out where any and everything is. If you want to have people find out about you, then you need to manually add yourself onto their system. To add a location on Google Maps, you can simply click the 'add a missing place' option in the settings. All you need to do then is to fill out the address and some simple information like your business name and phone number. A link to your website is also a good idea to save people some time. After you add a location to Google Maps, you will start to get natural web and foot traffic, and you need to capitalise on this.

Social Media

After Google Maps, the best place to focus your energy is on the many social media apps you can advertise on.  Advertising on these platforms only costs a few hundred dollars, if not less, to reach tens of thousands of people. You can also target a certain demographic, so if you know that teenage males enjoy your products more, you can restrict the advertisement to just males aged 16-20. Unlike television and radio where your advertising is scattershot and can reach many people who have no interest in your item, social media's knowledge of its users allows you to be very precise when advertising, which is great for those on a budget.

Physical Advertising

Physical advertising is very much still necessary if you want to generate loyal and local customers. Placing simple flyers at nearby hot spots like bus stops, shopping centres and corner stores is a great way to get the word out. Offer a discount to those that bring in your advertisement so that you bring in curious shoppers who might not have come otherwise. Remember that you have to spend money to make money, and advertisement is the clearest example of that expression. It is better to take short-term losses to build a long-term base of customers who know what you sell and trust your quality. 


27 January 2020

A Guide to Marketing

Are you planning to launch a marketing campaign? If so, this is the right place for you. Our writers have carried out lots of research into the different techniques you can use to boost your marketing programme. While I'm not a professional marketing consultant, I do bring lots of hard-won knowledge about this subject. We will be looking at designing ads, social media, and copywriting. I hope that after reading this blog, you will be encouraged to get started on a fantastic and effective campaign which will help you to grow your business. Read on to find out everything you need to know.